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The purpose of IPT’s investor relations activities is to ensure that the market for the Company’s shares is liquid, and that the market pricing of its shares fully reflects the Company’s results and future earnings potential.

A further objective is to increase the number of shareholders and to support good Corporate Governance.

IPT’s aims to have an on-going, timely and open dialogue with current and potential shareholders, equity analysts and other financial stakeholders, subject to current stock exchange regulations.

Through this dialogue and other communication activities IPT’s seeks to establish awareness and understanding for the Company’s activities, results and strategies, as well as the developments on the markets on which the Company operates. We also communicate our financial targets for the future and report on our financial performance in relation to these targets on an on-going basis.

IPT’s frequently participates in meetings with both professional and private investors, as well as equity analysts. In order to reach a broader audience, we webcast/audiocast our investor presentations in connection with the announcements of the Company’s annual and quarterly results, and make these webcasts/audiocasts available here on our website.

Only the CEO and the CFO communicate externally regarding Investor Relations matters
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