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Advances in exploration and production have helped to locate and recover a supply of oil and natural gas from major reserves across the globe. At the same time, demand for petroleum-based products has grown in every corner of the world. But supply and demand are rarely concentrated in the same place. Transportation therefore is vital to ensuring the reliable and affordable flow of petroleum we all count on to fuel our cars, heat our homes and improve the quality of our lives.
Tankers, railroads and pipelines are proven, efficient and economical means of connecting petroleum supply and demand. Supply-end pipelines and railroads carry crude oil from production areas to a loading terminal at a port. Tankers then carry the crude oil directly to demand-side pipelines that connect to the refineries that convert the raw material into useful products.

Co-operation company of International Petroleum Trading IPT LTD Inter Freight Logistics offers the following services:
  • road transport
  • airfreight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Road transports
  • Project Logistics
  • Marine Logistics

Our new contact is the company Interfracht Logistics Forwarding.

Contact Person: Mr Thomas Hogenkamp
INTERFRACHT Container Overseas Service GmbH - Bergiusstr. 1 - D-28816 Stuhr-Brinkum
Tel.: [+49] 421 87150-233 Fax: [+49] 421 87150-215
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