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International Petroleum Trading ranks as in the Europa and the largest in the Midwest. Operations are concentrated primarily in the Midwest, Northeast, East Coast, Southeast and Gulf Coast regions.
Having the right product for our customers at the right time does not happen by chance. Strategically located to serve major markets, MPC's operations include a seven-plant refining network with 1,794,000 barrels per calendar day of crude oil refining capacity, a comprehensive terminal and transportation system, and extensive marketing operations. A responsive supply, distribution and planning group allows MPC to be well positioned to react to unexpected changes in the marketplace, capture commercial advantages within its strong logistics system, and expand brand and retail sales volumes.
International Petroleum Trading hat den Core was established with a principal focus on trading crude oil originating from Russia European and Middel East. Core's management are particularly experienced in the marketing of heavy and/or sour grades of crude oil. In addition, Core also markets West African, North Sea and Middle Eastern crude grades. Currently, Core transacts up to 300,000 bbls/day of crude oil. Sales are arranged with refiners located in Latin America, the US West & Gulf Coasts, Europe, and the Far East including China, Japan, South Korea and India
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