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  • Gazpromneft cooperation 2016
  • 2016 International Petroleum Trading IPT LTD Is setting new standards and expanding its business into Brazil.
  • New company foundation March 2017 for our consulting services and advertising partners.
  • Cooperation company in 2017 with the company Interfracht
  • 01/06/2017 New Company founded subsidiary
    In the UK England
    IPT International Petroleum Trading Ltd

  • 01/06/2017 New advertising partners and cooperation companies
    Logistics in petroleum trading.

  • 14/04/2017 Were International Petroleum Trading IPT LTD awarded in Brazil
    With the company SEAPLAN in the Petroleum sector and auxiliary work project
    Children in need

  • Implementation of a sales network in Brazil with the company PRD Brasil.

  • Project 2017 Children in need Brazil.

  • 4 Chinese projects processing LNG

  • 2 projects in America for Crude Oil

  • Establishing facilities in Germany,Aid organization in Germany Nothilfe Mensch E.V Partner

  • Cooperations Partner Meister Oil GmbH,

  • Construction of engine oils and industrial oils internationally.

  • News news online shop opening
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  • English (UK)

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